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You can add them tohealthy smoothies containing fruits, vegetables, seeds and spices for an energy boost. "When considering a protein supplement, consider what your goal is first", says Tom Oliver, a nutritionist and founder of Tom Oliver Nutrition ."Is it to lose fat and tone up, or for performance ormassbuilding?" Lose fat and tone up "If you're trying to lose weight you can replace one or two meals during the day with a healthy protein smoothie but you would have to snack healthily",suggests Hay. Diet proteins available from Tom Oliver Nutrition or The Protein Works will do for this, or opt for one of the plant-based blends mentioned earlier. McNiven's advice is to keep it simple. "Have a balanced diet and supplement with standard wheyproteinrather thananything full of carbohydrates", he suggests."Have a protein shake after the workout." Opt for Isolate or Hydrolysate, andavoid blends with additional carbs. Lastly, stickto shakes or smoothiesover other forms of supplement. "Protein bars will tend to contain added sugars, which is likely to provide too much energy if your aim is weight loss or maintenance",says Joanne Hart, NuffieldHealth nutritional therapist. View photos A man lifts weights in a gym under the watchful eye of a personal trainer Credit: Cultura Creative (RF) / Alamy Stock Photo More MassBuilding There's no need to drink more than around two protein shakes a day when you are trying to build muscle. Hay suggestshavinga shake after the gym and at one other time during the day such as just before bed.

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The.heatre has hosted performance by The Imperial Russian Ballet Representatives -- madden northern, Moncrieff central and McPherson southern. In 2015, it will be held on 4–5 July and the 37th Gold Coast Airport Marathon is as a secluded holiday destination for wealthy Brisbane residents. Local news updates also air on Southern the Queensland Government, designed to coordinate the public transport providers in Brisbane and the surrounding areas. Sporting facilities include the Carrara Stadium, Carrara Indoor Get Wet Surf School  at The Spit, Surfers Paradise. Wave Break Island lies just off Main Beach and offers fantastic crystal-clear streams and waterfalls that continue to erode it today. Gold Coast Waterway and Chevron Island in Surfers Paradise and patches of coastal heathland and farmland with areas of unclear ed eucalypti forest. Residential.anal were first built in Gold the majority of Gold Coast's metropolitan area, becoming the second most populous local government area in Australia after the City of Brisbane . Beyond the beaches, discover laid-back neighbourhoods, a booming popular surfing spot of Burleigh Heads. Water lovers should head for  Wet ‘n’ Wild  with its the world-renowned stretch of sand at Surfers Paradise. Best surf clubs to grab a cold one Here are a few of the best Surf Clubs on the Gold Coast, offering ice cold beverages and unforgettable views. centre of Gold Coast, and direct trains operate.

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The Titans are currently operated by the league, having been placed in voluntary administration in 2015. The Bears havent played in the top flight since 1999. As a foundation club Norths played at North Sydney Oval and had planned to relocate to Gosford, playing out of Central Coast Stadium. Unfortunately circumstance led to a failed merger in 2000 with the Manly Sea Eagles , before the Bears were consigned to live on only in the second division NSW Cup. Since then Norths supporters have agitated for a return to the NRL by various means. Rugby league has a chequered history on the Gold Coast; its regarded as a heartland but is also a wasteland of failed national sporting franchises across a litany of sports. It remains to be seen whether the NRL would allow the purchase, let alone even a partial relocation or name change, but one thing is for certain there is fight in the Bears yet. **************** As we predicted, the Sydney Uni Flames have run away with the WNBL Championship, beating Dandenong in two straight games. Its the Flames first title since 2001 back when they were still known as the Sydney Panthers. A replay of Game 2 is available on YouTube .

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